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URC MX-850 Universal Remote Control

  • URC MX-850 Universal Remote Control

URC MX-850 Universal Remote Control


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Universal Remote Control

Product Description

With the MX-850’s ability to replace up to 20 remotes, the days of fumbling through multiple dissimilar controls are a distant memory. Pick up the MX-850 and experience superior ergonomic design and button layout optimized for your ease of use. Your thumb is never out of reach of critical controls.

Your new MX-850 is much more than a replacement remote. Advanced control tools provided by Universal Remote Control give your MX-850 the ability to automate even the most complex system operation. A favorite for custom installers because of its eight control buttons, youll enjoy the sensible labels that your installer customizes just for you.

Experience control wherever and whenever you want with the MX-850 and a Universal Remote Control wireless base station. With the MX-850 the ability to automate any component anywhere in the house is just a button push away.

Range: 50 to 100 feet, depending upon the structure of your house and the amount of interference present

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