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Universal Remote Control KP-900 Wireless Keypad

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  • Universal Remote Control KP-900 Wireless Keypad

Universal Remote Control KP-900 Wireless Keypad


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Wireless keypad

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Product Description

The KP-900 lets you have your keypad and your hand held remote too.

The KP-900 is the only wireless keypad that also functions as a handheld remote control. Customizable buttons allow your installer to provide all the control you need. Your installer can choose from three sets of key caps for the top row of buttons to adapt the keypad to your specific system—so you can control lighting, your home theater or just about anything else—by pressing buttons that make sense.

The ease and flexibility of the KP-900 make it ideal for retrofitting a home or existing home theater. The KP can be mounted on any surface—brick, sheetrock or plaster. It even sticks to your refrigerator or other metal surface thanks to a built in magnet. Imagine having one in the garage for handling URC Lighting or your whole-house audio system.

The virtually unlimited memory of the KP-900 opens limitless possibilities for control. Factor in the wireless operation with a URC RF base station and you have a control anywhere in your home. Pick up the KP-900 experience true freedom and flexibility.


  • Dual-Use Wireless Keypad
  • Operates via IR/RF
  • Wireless Keypad

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Universal Remote Control KP-900