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Tributaries UHDP-005 0.5 Meter HDMI Cable

////Tributaries UHDP-005 0.5 Meter HDMI Cable
  • Tributaries UHDP-005 0.5 Meter HDMI Cable

Tributaries UHDP-005 0.5 Meter HDMI Cable


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UHDP PRO 0.5 Meter HDMI w/Ethernet Cable

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Product Description

The Tributaries UHDP PRO Ultra High Definition 0.5 Meter HDMI cable for long distances. This cable has the most headroom of all Tributaries cables built with large gauge wires positioned where they are most needed. PVC Jacket is UL CL2/FT4 for in wall use. Elegant black and blue woven over-jacket. Guarantees 4K/60 UHD HDMI signal transmission

Tributaries UHDP-005 0.5 Meter HDMI Cable


  • Designed, packaged and tested in Orlando Florida, USA
  • Certified HDMI High Speed to support 4K/60, Deep Color, Ethernet, Extended Audio Channels, CEC and ARC
  • Earned DPL Labs® 18Gig 4K Certification and Seal of Approval
  • Power Grip™ connector is tight fitting without the death-grip hazard of locking connectors
  • Small size connector (25mm) about the size of a Quarter
  • Jacket rated UL CL2/FT4 for in-wall use covered by elegant woven jacket
  • Passive ½ meter design guaranteed 4K/60 data rates to 18 Gbps
  • 100% tested in production and 100% tested in Orlando, FL before shipping with 1080p/60 application


Tributaries UHDP PRO is terminated with HDMI type A connectors. At 25mm, this small size connector is the size of a quarter. Power Grip™ ensures a tight fit.


  • Max Video Format Supported: 2160p (UHD/4K) 8-bit 4:4:4, 17.82 Gbps
  • VESA Graphics: Supports as defined by HDMI specification
  • 3D Video: Supported / System Dependent
  • Audio Formats Supported: 32Ch, PCM 2.0, DTS 7.1, 3D Audio / System Dependent
  • HDMI Ethernet Channel: Supported / System Dependent
  • HDMI Audio Return Channel: Supported / System Dependent

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