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RBH SI-1010 In-floor/In-ceiling Subwoofer

  • RBH SI-1010, In-Ceiling Subwoofer, Home Subwoofers, Home Theater & Audio

RBH SI-1010 In-floor/In-ceiling Subwoofer

10-inch In-floor/In-ceiling Subwoofer
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Product Description

The SI-1010 is a dual 10-inch non-powered in-ceiling subwoofer designed specifically to be installed in-ceiling or in-floor. The SI-1010 features smart protection circuitry to prevent damage to the 10-inch aluminum cone in-ceiling subwoofers if ever over-driven. Appearing as a commonplace heating vent, the SI-1010 is the definitive subwoofer for larger home theaters, listening rooms or anywhere inconspicuous, yet powerful, high-fidelity bass is needed.

The SI-1010P includes an RBH SA-500DSP component-style subwoofer amplifier.

RBH SI-1010 In-Ceiling Subwoofer


  • Model Name: SI-1010
  • Series: Signature In-wall
  • System Type: In-floor/In-ceiling Subwoofer
  • Cabinet Material/Color: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)/Black
  • Cabinet Finish: Black Enclosure
  • Baffle and Grille: Baffle Black; Grille Black.
  • Grille Options: Heat Vent (in-floor), Cold-air Return (in-ceiling)
  • Baffle Opening: 12″ W x 6″ H

Additional Information

Weight31 kg



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