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NHT Absolute Wall Speaker (Used Pair)

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NHT Absolute Wall Speaker (Used Pair)


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Absolute Wall Speaker – White

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Product Description

NHT has always believed that after the designing, testing and tuning work is done, the best speaker choice is the one that fits your application. The NHT Absolute Wall Speaker is… (wait for it) a wall speaker, and unlike bookshelf speakers that are “tuned” to be on a speaker stand or at the edge of a shelf, the Absolute Wall Speaker is designed and tuned specifically to be flat against wall. Specific tuning is necessary because the laws of physics say that when a speaker gets close to the wall, the speaker’s bass and low-midrange frequencies are reinforced thus throwing the speaker’s tonal balance out of whack.So what does the new Wall Speaker sound like? Bigger than it looks for one. Beautifully smooth and with the open-transparent midrange NHT’s are famous for. Naturally they sound similar to the amazing Absolute Zero mini-speaker (which means it also sounds a lot like the Absolute Center and our Absolute Tower). It’s another example of NHT high-end, not high-price. In short, it’s a ringer and a team player at the same time.When mounted, the Absolute Wall Speaker projects into the room a measly 4”. Not only does it work better than a bookshelf speaker on a bracket, it also doesn’t look like a hunting trophy. Mounting the AWS is really simple. Just fasten a #10 screw to the wall, leaving about ¼” of the screw exposed, and simply hang the speaker. Done. It’s just that easy. The AWS can be hung so that the tweeter is towards the top – or the bottom – of the cabinet. The correct orientation is the one that sounds the best in your room. The Absolute Wall Speaker is available in either gloss black or gloss white to complement your interior scheme.On the technical side, the Absolute Wall Speaker is an acoustic suspension design (no ports or vents). Air is natures perfect spring and we use this trapped air to control and damp the woofer cone’s movement.; The Absolute Wall Speaker uses the same high-end 5.25” polypropylene cone mid-woofer and 1” aluminum dome tweeter found in its popular siblings the Absolute Tower, Absolute Center and Absolute Zero. It’s really a family affair. The Absolute Wall Speaker’s beautiful, curvaceous little cabinet is solidly constructed of extensively braced MDF (medium density fiberboard). Each speaker gets the same 7 layer, hand polished, high-gloss black or soft white paint followed by 2 clear coats that you’ll find on other NHT Classic models providing easy care and long lasting beauty. Here’s where to use the Absolute Wall Speaker:Stereo pair: Flanking a flat TV (or not) and driven by a quality stereo receiver. Ideal for the office, the bedroom, or anywhere you need great sound but want nothing on the floor or a shelf.Surround Rears: A complete no-brainer application. The AWS perfectly matches sonically with all NHT floor and shelf speakers (in-wall and ceiling too). With bass to 71Hz (and a good quality receiver) the AWS has enough authority to easily fill the leading role in the back and/or surround channels in a high-performance, high-end home theater.Surround Width and Height Channels: Finally a perfect speaker for Audyssey DSXTM height, width (and surround) speaker positions. The AWS’ small size, low profile and high output ability make it a natural fit for these performance-enhancing channels. Go to for more information about DSXTM.Second Rooms (Zones): Use Absolute Wall Speakers to extend your musical happiness throughout the house.; Connect them to your receiver’s Zone 2 and 3 speaker terminals. Your dining room, kitchen, or bedroom never sounded better.Distributed audio: Absolute Wall Speakers can create your mood and are ideal scattered throughout your favorite wine bar, café, salons, boutiques and coffee shops. Perfect performance without a subwoofer but even better with.You can tell we’re excited about this speaker. The Absolute Wall Speaker is right for so many applications. No more workarounds. No compromises. Wherever you want killer sonics but are short on space, you now have a perfectly sound solution. Be sure to check out our factory recommended systems, many which will begin to feature the new Absolute Wall Speaker.Finally, let’s not forget that you’re buying an NHT speaker and that means all sorts of things. It means, in some cases you’re willing to pay a little more to get the best speaker value for your money. It means and you care about quality craftsmanship and high-end performance. It means you’re ready to join our family of fanatics who love music, movies and the best gear that produces them. Welcome to the club, now tell your friends. Now Hear This!

The NHT Absolute Wall Speaker (AWS) is designed to sound great anywhere you need a high-performance wall mounted speaker. Perfect for several applications including as a main stereo speaker (either flanking a flat panel television or solo), as a surround channel speaker with other NHT Classic speakers, or even as a distributed audio speaker in a small business.The AWS mounts as easily as a picture using its integrated wall mount bracket. Simply anchor a #10 screw where you’d like to mount the AWS and hang! It’s that easy.For applications where the AWS needs to be mounted close to a ceiling, the bracket can be moved to the bottom of the cabinet so the tweeter will be closer to the your ears (and further from the ceiling) for the best performance.Speaker cable connections are made via NHT’s all-metal 5-way binding posts for a secure connection.Available in either high-gloss Black or our beautiful soft White finish to fit nearly any decor. Best of all, the AWS is from NHT so you’re getting quality craftsmanship, and high-end sound without the high-end price tag.

NHT Absolute Wall Speaker


  • Speaker Type: Two-Way, Wall Mount, Acoustic Suspension
  • Mid-Woofer: 5.25” Polypropylene Cone, Custom BMC Basket
  • Crossover: HP / LP @ 2.3 kHz.
  • Cabinet Material: 18mm MDF Front Baffle, Sides 12mm, Back 6mm

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