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Featured Home Automation

///Featured Home Automation
  • Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free, Voice Controlled device that uses Alexa

    Amazon Echo Dot Voice Controlled Device


    In Stock
    Voice Controlled Device (2nd Generation)

  • Apple TV 4th Generation 64gb

    Apple TV 4th Generation 32gb


    In Stock
    Apple TV (4th generation) 32GB

  • Control4 C4-DIN-8TV-E 8-Channel 0-10V Dimmer
  • Control4 C4-EA1 Entertainment and Automation Controller

    Entertainment and Automation Controller
  • Control4 C4-EBD1H-BL Engraved Button (Black)

    Control4 C4-EBD1H-BL Engraved Button (Black)

    Engraved Button, Decora Single High
  • Control4 C4-IOXV2

    Control4 C4-IOXV2 IO Extender V2

    IO Extender V2, Home Audio/Video Equipment
  • Control4 C4-SR260 System Remote Control
  • Yale YRLD220ZB619 Touchscreen Deadbolt